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Argumentative Essay Topics for Law

Your teacher or professor gave you the task to write an argumentative law essay and you don’t have any ideas? Law Essay Profy will help you. We prepared the list of argumentative essay law topics. You are welcome — just use it.

This argumentative essay topics for law list will help you to find the right idea for your paper. And choosing the right idea is the most important part of writing a good essay and getting an «A». You also might be interested in business law essay topics.

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Argumentative Essay Topics for Law Students

  • Advertisements are not the legal agreements. Is it true?
  • Argumentative Essay on the Separation of Powers
  • Australian Contract Law Should Be Codified
  • Civil forfeiture: legislation and practice.
  • Compare individual liberties with public safety.
  • Comparative analysis of crime definition in common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions.
  • Compare victim’s rights and offenders’ rights.
  • Conflicts of Law and Science
  • Criminal punishment: legal nature, types, duration, and authorities responsible for setting punishments.
  • Do law enforcement cameras violate the right to privacy?
  • Defense in criminal cases.
  • Does our taxation system is fair or not?
  • Does the law enforcement cameras are a threat to privacy?
  • How Law is Made and Interpreted in France, China and Indonesia
  • International law enforcement authorities and their competencies.
  • Inspection of a locale of a crime. Give your opinion as to effectiveness of some tools and methods used by the police authorities.
  • Is our jury system works fair in every case?
  • Is the process of electoral vote fair?
  • It’s Time to Make Prostitution Legal
  • Judges Must Make Law
  • Lack of Rule of Law in China
  • Law and Ethics: Accountability
  • Law Enforcement and the Rights of the Accused

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  • Law Should Be Influenced By Religion
  • Legal limits of police entrapment.
  • Misuse of power by police officers.
  • Policemen who don’t drive cars while patrolling the streets. What is your point of view as to effectiveness of foot and bike patrols?
  • Police interrogation: Here you should speak about the possible challenges of this legal tool.
  • Recognition of women’s right to work as police officers.
  • Seat Belt Law Should Be Removed
  • Taser guns: doubtful tools used by the police authorities.
  • The commonwealth and the state level
  • The death penalty is effective or not?
  • The executive and the judiciary
  • The legislature and the Executive
  • The legislature and the judiciary
  • The legal nature of law enforcement.
  • What are the legal systems for immigration and refugee?
  • What are the rules on violence against women?
  • What is ‘Land’ in Law, and Why is This Important?
  • What is feminist jurisprudence?
  • What is the capital punishment for a rapist?
  • What is the role of prisons?
  • What is the role of science in the courts in case forensic investigation?
  • What is the role of United Nations in World peace?
  • What should be the legal age to enter into the cyber world for the young generation?
  • What should be the proper age for marriage?
  • Where Does Law Come From?
  • Why the curfews keep the young generation out of trouble?
  • Why the legal age of drinking should get lowered?
  • Write about the anti- terrorism rules.
  • Write about the criminal justice act for the youths.
  • Write about the diplomatic immunity.
  • Write about the legalities related to environment.
  • Write about the rules related to the Internet.