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Helpful Law Firm Interview Tips

Despite your being an excellent law student, no job interview laws is a piece of cake – unless, of course, you adhere to the recommendations Law Essay Profy has made for you.

Law Firm Interview Tips


No job meetings, especially debut ones, should be chaotic. Avoid same-day interviews and work out for some time to get your thoughts together. Remember it is not just about your law accomplishments but your background overall. To pass well, get prepared well and follow the law firm interview tips from the then students and now promising law firm experts.

Getting Prepared for a Law Firm Interview


Get prepared in advance with some headline-making legal news or event and work it out to make the interviewer involved. Find out about your potential employer, which will make it easier to choose a topic.

Even though a law job interview, your interviewer will not necessarily ask you about the law aspects, but you have to find a good chance and talk legal. After all, you are a law student, and you apply for a legal position.

Still, talking legal does not mean talking clichés: try to be offbeat and don`t speak about your law school record or trivial case studies – the latest news feed will help you out.

Sticking to Tried-and-True Law Interview Tips

Talk to the point. Avoid milling the wind, and rather keep silent than talk, unless you are certain your words are pertinent. You are a lawyer, and being a cute talker is a benefit, but to talk for talking is no good. You are here not to entertain, after all!

Benefit from a late interview. The later the appointment, the clearer the memory of you. It is unwise to miss such an opportunity, so get ready with something to stand out of the crowd. Again, touching a news headliner can help a lot. You know the time scheduled for the meeting – so, you are ahead of the game.


Sidetrack interviewer`s boredom. Late law firm interviews may bring along trouble as well – when the interviewer is exhausted by a long day, and it seems like your supposedly smart answers make him bored. What you should learn for such situation is never surrender, but round up quickly instead, to let him change the topic. Try not to keep the interviewer bored for long, as boredom can quickly become irritation, which is much worse.

Be human. One of the vital law interview tips is to balance well your positive and negative feelings. Those absolutely optimistic about everything on earth look unnatural. Same is about the opposite extremity – when everything is bad. Watch your attitude and make sure you sound like an average human. The coin of an average human has the two sides.

If you failed for some reason, take it and rather try to learn from your mistakes, to avoid them during your next employment law interviews. Should you not find any errors even after comprehensive analysis, mind a human factor. Whatever, even bad experience is experience.

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