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Law Essay Profy provide a custom written constitutional and administrative law essays and dissertations service. All our law research is written for your exact question and is guaranteed to be of a 2:1 or first class standard. Everyone of our constitutional and administrative law essays and constitutional and administrative law dissertations is wholly custom written, comprehensively referenced, and plagiarism software scanned – ensuring you get high quality, fully custom written constitutional and administrative research every time. Moreover, none of our con and admin law essays and dissertations, are resold within three years of their completion for you. So if you need constitutional and administrative law essays or dissertations, whether they are on the executive, parliament, judicial review, the police, public order, or remedies, there really is only one place to come. Also you might be interested in consumer law essay writing service.

Constitutional and Administrative – The Nature of the Constitution

Law Essay Profy have undertaken a large number of constitutional and administrative law essays on the nature of the British constitution, including the difference between our unitary constitution and a federal constitution, its conventions and the rule of law, legislation, and parliamentary supremacy. We have also undertaken constitutional law essays on Dicey’s view of Parliamentary supremacy, the Privy Council, devolution, and how parliamentary supremacy and national sovereignty are affected by the EU.

Constitutional law dissertations that we have undertaken include topics such as, the analysis of use of self restraint by the executive, the arguments for a written constitution in the UK, the increase of Europeanization, and the need for accountability through judicial review.

Constitutional and Administrative – The Executive and Parliament

Constitutional and Administrative law essays and law dissertations on this area we have undertaken include looking at parliament, government and the separation of powers, forms of legislation and their interpretation (i.e. the literal rule, the golden rule), the passage of legislation through parliament, delegation of legislation, deregulation, and issues such as the relationship between parliament, the crown and the prerogative, and the relationship between the executive, legislative and judicial functions of the state.

Other constitutional law and administrative law essays that we have addressed have looked at the House of Lords and proposals for reform, (second chamber, bicameral legislature) and the nature of parliamentary privileges. Constitutional and administrative law dissertations we have undertook on parliament and the executive in this area have focused on parliamentary select committees, and parliaments scrutinizing of the executive through debates and parliamentary questions.

Constitutional and Administrative – Judicial Review

Our essays and dissertations service has provided numerous custom written pieces for students studying a judicial review module in con and admin law. Aspects of judicial review that have been written on include, the basis for intervention by judicial review, such as ultra vires and illegality, procedural irregularity, irrationality, proportionality, and the nemo judex rule. Besides this the standing of the claimant to make an application for judicial review has been covered, as well as several con and admin essays looking at the requirement for sufficient interest for the individual and pressure groups. Our dissertations and essays have also looked at judicial review remedies, covering topics such as quashing orders, mandatory orders, prohibiting orders and declarations and injunctions.

Constitutional and Administrative – The Police, Public Order, and Protest

Law Essays UK have undertaken a wide field of research on these topics, a summary of which would include, PACE, the powers of stop and search, powers of arrest, non arrestable offenses, questioning and detention, powers of entry and search, and complaints of misconduct against the police. As regards protest and public order we have written constitutional and administrative law essays, and a number of dissertations too, on aspects of protest and public order such as public order offenses and the freedom of assembly.