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Employment Law – Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy

Employment law essays that we could cover in the area of unfair dismissal would include topics such as – unfair dismissal at common law, the Employment Rights Act 1996, the exclusions from unfair dismissal, termination of a contract at common law, the acquiring of employment rights including analyzing calculation of continuous employment and interruptions in work, employment tribunals, the reasonableness test, the Employment Tribunals Act 1996, misconduct, constructive dismissal, terminations that are not dismissals such as resignation, frustration, mutual agreement performance, and constructive resignation.

Other employment law dissertations and employment law essays that we have written in the area of unfair dismissal are, the effective date of termination – the statutory definition, determining the effective date of termination, unfair dismissal and casual workers, prima facie reasons for dismissal, such as conduct, capability, qualifications, or other substantial reason or reasons, the reasonableness of dismissal looking at cases such as Polkey, Heron and Duffy, gross misconduct, dismissal for non-compliance with dress requirement, the burden of proof in showing reasonableness, critical assessment of the effectiveness of the provisions relating to unfair dismissal, warnings, automatically unfair reasons for dismissal such as Trade Union membership, unfair dismissal and European Law, Haddon v Van Den Berg, family reasons such as pregnancy, dismissal and sex, race and disability, and unfair dismissal of strikers.

Employment law essays and dissertations on redundancy that you may request us to write could include, the entitlement to redundancy powers, including looking at whether the claimant was an employee, qualifying employment for the qualifying period, the collective handling of redundancies – Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation Act) 1992, The Employment Rights Act 1996 part XI, the relationship between redundancy and unfair dismissal, situations where redundancy may occur such as relocation of the employee, business closure and lack of need for work of a certain kind.

UK Employment Law Essays on Discrimination, and Equal Pay and Maternity Provisions

Employment law essays and employment law dissertations that we could write in this field include, the effectiveness of the Equal Pay Act 1970, the provisions of the Equal Treatment Directive and the Equal Pay Directive, analysis of the cases of Barber, Defrenne v Sabena, and Coloroll, the effect of Article 141 of the EC Treaty, the Social Chapter of the Maastricht Treaty, the concept of equal pay for work of equal value and how work is rated of equal value, defences to an equal pay claim, and remedies in equal pay proceedings such as damages and compensation.

Employment law essays and dissertations that we have carried out in the area of maternity provisions include, the effectiveness of the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations (1999), the Employment Rights Act sections 55, 56 and 57, maternity leave and the right to return to work, additional maternity leave, statutory maternity pay, parental leave, and maternity allowance.

Contract of Employment, and Employment Law Dissertations and Essays on Trade Unions

Do you need custom law essays or dissertations on contracts of employment? Topics that we can write on include, the difference between contracts for services and contracts of service, variation of the terms of the contract of employment – including consensual variation and unilateral variation, The Working Time Regulations 1998, express terms, implied terms, statutory terms, and incorporated terms in contracts for employment, the bargaining power of the parties in forming a contract, ACAS, wages and deductions, collective agreements, Health and Safety at work and Health and Safety regulations, and the employers duties under a contract of employment such as the duty to pay wages or a salary, to provide work, to provide co operation and fair treatment, and to provide a safe system of work, and a safe workplace.

We have also written several employment law essays and dissertations on other aspects of this area of employment law such as the employees duty to obey orders, the duty to exercise reasonable care and skill and to act in good faith, restrictive covenants and contracts of employment and their enforcement, the protection of confidential information by contracts of employment, industrial action, the trade unions, the requirement of notice, and the remedies for a breach of a contract of employment including, damages, specific performance and injunctions.

We have also written employment law essays on Trade Unions and industrial action, Trade Union collective bargaining, Trade Union law, the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 and Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1978, the rights of Trade Union members and their protection.