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The increasing amount of EU Law makes for some difficult areas of study. Law Essays UK provide the UK’ s only guaranteed 2:1 and First Standard quality EU law essays service. Whatever your chosen area, be your question on direct effect, supremacy, the ECJ, or another area of EC law, all our EU and EC essays and dissertations are custom written to your exact EU law question, or EU law dissertation proposal, assuring you that you will receive optimally focused EU law research every time. Also, all our European essays and dissertations and EC essays are fully referenced (including complete bibliography) and plagiarism software scanned to ensure that you get fully original EU law essays every time. Also you might be interested in evidence law essays service.

EU Law – Direct and Indirect Effect

Law Essays UK are able to custom write for any of your EU law essays or EU law dissertation requirements. Popular topics that our EU law essay writers have researched on direct and indirect effect include, looking at the difference between direct effect for treaty provisions and directives and regulations, the difference between vertical and horizontal direct effect, direct effect and the organs of the state, the development of indirect effect, the area of incidental horizontal direct effect, and the state liability for non implementation of a Directive. We have looked at a wide area of cases in our EC law essays and EC law dissertations in this area, including Van Duyn, Van Gend en Loos, Reyners, Defrenne v Sabena, Ratti, Marshall, Von Colson, and Marleasing.

The EC institutions and Principles of EU law

Needless to say, this is one of the most widely written on areas of EU law. We have written on the European Parliament, the European Council, the ECJ, the Council of Ministers, judicial review, the Commissions use of Article 226 procedures, and the jurisdiction of the ECJ and the pregnant formula. Further EC law essays and EC law dissertations in this area that have been submitted include those in the areas of the substantive and procedural requirements for the legality of community action, the six procedures of legislative process, the democratic deficit, the effect on the sovereignty of nation states that the EC has, the supremacy of EU law over national law, the principle of subsidiarity, the democratic deficit and the different types of community legislation such as regulations and directives.

We also have EU law essay writing experience in the areas of transparency, European citizenship, the legitimacy of provisions, human rights, the European Court of Human Rights, and proportionality

Other Areas of EU Law

Other topics that you may require us to help you with might include, the preliminary reference procedure , EC Competition Law Articles 81 and 82, the free movement of workers and freedom of establishment, fundamental rights, the principle of proportionality, direct effect, supranationalism, intergovernmentalism, federalism, Article 234 and the reference procedure to the ECJ, the division of competence, separation of powers, monism and dualism, the expansion of the EU, and Regulation 17/62 and competition law. Other areas that we could also be of assistance would include, equal pay, equal treatment, sex discrimination, the abuse of a dominant position in competition law, pensions and social security, regulation 1612/68, directive 64/221, Article 230, Article 241, the freedom of establishment and to provide services, directive 75/117, the Working time directive 93/104, The Treaty of Rome, The Luxembourg Accords, The Single European Act, and The Treaty of The European Union.

Further cases that we can help with include, Bilka, Enderby, Defrenne v Sabena, P v S, Francovich, Factortame, Barber, Hoffman, Roberts v Tate and Lyle Industries, Dekker, Webb, Hertz, ICI v Commission, and Nungessser.