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Jurisprudence Topics

Law Essays UK have undertaken many jurisprudence law essays on subjects such as Dworkins accounts of what is believed to be law, natural law theory and contemporary legal philosophy, differences between the theories of Hart and Dworkin, Marxism, Kelsen and Hart compared, the doctrine of natural law, The Authority of Law by Joseph Raz, Fullers public and private jurisprudence, Devlins theory and Harts theory, the theories of Austin, Rawls theory of Justice, differences between the theories of Hobbes and Locke, monism and dualism, Feminism and the Critical Legal Studies, and the naturalist revival – Beyleveld and Brownsword.

Other jurisprudence essays have looked at the differences between Scandinavian realism and American realism, similarities and differences between the theories of Hagerstrom and Lunstedt, Jerome Frank, John Chipman Gray and Oliver Wendell Holmes – the American realists, postmodern legal theory – postmodernism and fundamental values, postmodern constitutional theory, Dworkins criticism of positivism and pragmatism, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau compared, and the enforcement of morality – Devlin and Hart. Other jurisprudence essays have looked at theorists such as Posner, Rawls, Nozicks, Lyotard, Foucault, Finnis, Olivercrona, Plato, Aristotle, Karl Llewellyn, John Calvin and Bentam.

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We would be happy to supply custom written essays on any other areas of jurisprudence including looking at topics and theorists such as jurimetrics, affirmative postmodernism, Balkin, behaviourism, Calbresi, expository jurisprudence, fact skeptics, feminist legal theory, Hegel, judicial decisions, justice, Ladeur, morality, racism, John Rawls, Soviet legal theory, Stalinism, and Roberto Unger.