Pursuing Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement


Law enforcement is one of the most important components of criminal justice system. It helps in providing justice to the affected persons in the society by reducing the crime rate and by faster processing of criminal cases. In USA, President’s Commission on law enforcement and administration of justice played significant role in bringing several positive changes in the law enforcement or Police system. (more…)

Examining the need for the Reform of Hong Kong’s Law

Examining the need for the Reform of Hong Kong’s Law on Involuntary Manslaughter with a view to Reforms made in Other Jurisdictions (more…)

Law of Contract

A Contract can be defined as a legal binding obligation created under an agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law. Under this case, Alan must understand fully what a contract entails and must consider all the elements required. There are several elements that make a contract to be valid and this includes the following; (more…)


The Criminal Justice Bill is heralded as the harbinger of modernisation in the legal system, mostly in favour of witnesses, victims and the communities. It has one mission: reducing the crime, helping the fallen, and preventing further criminal activities, covering areas like detection of the crime, arranging the witnesses, punishing the deserving and the rehabilitation. (more…)

Conceptual Framework


In essence, success in the modern complex business environment depends on a broad range of variables that are in most cases interrelated. Different frameworks have been developed in the process of forming a premise on which to enhance business performance and business success. (more…)